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Hi, i'm planning on getting a tattoo on my arm and I want to include a turkish phrase. Now that i've got a few ideas to choose from, I want to just make sure they mean what I think they mean :P

So if as many of you as possible could comment with what you understand the meaning to be (either literal/meaning or both), i'd be extremely grateful :)

1) Ateş düştüğü yeri yakar
2) Beni unutma
3) Her ayrilik bir baslangic
4) Sen yoktun ben yalnız kalmayı öğrendim
5) Denizde damla
6) Cefasız sefa olmaz
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1) A fire burns the place it falls to (smth like that :)) or A fire burns its place
2) Don't forget me
3) Breaking up is just a beginning
4) When you wasn't with me I learned to stay alone
5) A drop in the sea
6) there you have a misprint, may be you meant "cezasiz"?
Thankyou :)
The first 5 are what I thought ;)
I'm not sure about 6), it supposedly means 'No pain, no gain'?

Deleted comment

That's ok, you got the general meanings right even if the translation wasn't perfect ;)
Ahh ok, thankyou very much :D
you are welcome :)
it also can be cefasız
cefa - pain, punish, suffering
Thankyou :)
yes, u're right
One correction. #3 is spelled like this: Her ayrılık bir başlangıç - and it means "each break-up is a new beginning."
Thankyou :)
I was really going for 'each separation is a new beginning,' is there a better way to get closer to that exact translation or would it not change?
Yes! Separation. I just couldn't find the word. Separation would be a better definition of "ayrılık" :)
Ah awesome! thanks :D