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Dünyanın en güzel dili...

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This is a communtiy designed fro Turkish native speakers, as well as those who are learning Turkish and are looking for a forum in which to practice their language skills. This journal was created as a forum for the Turkish language, thusly, posts should be in the Turkish language, unless it is an extreme situation. So, if you are looking for a place in which to write in Turkish, this is the place. This is a community and we wish to share the Turkish language with the world, so if you are only learning the language, do not be afraid of your language skills, this communtiy was created to educate, and you will find it helpful in increasing those language abilities. So please come, discuss whatever you would like in Turkish, discuss everything from the latest development in Turkish politics, to what you did last night. I highly encourage all new members to give a brief introduction of themselves in Turkish when they join the community. It is a great way to get started and will let everyone know who you are. Don't be shy!

Community moderators are optimussven and melike. Please direct any questions, suggestions, or complaints to either of them.
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